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Jj French Gites

Meals we Offer

We want our guests to have a great holiday with us and sometimes that means that they may not want to cook or are planning to be out all day and would rather have something prepared for them. Because of this, we offer a number of different options to our guests;
- We understand that travel times can not always be the best and that guests may either not want to go to a super market when they first arrive, or flight times mean that everything is closed on arrival. We also know that guests like to make the most of their time here and go out for the full day and may not want to cook when they get back. Because of this we can provide our guests a cold supper either on the day of arrival or during the week
- Pizza's, hand made and cooked in our own pizza oven. Each pizza is made with your toppings in mind and served with green salade which should be enough for 2 people and cost 9 Euro's.
- Twice a week to offer our guests a pre set menu depending on what’s seasonal and in the garden and also our guests personal requirements. We offer either a starter and main course or main course and desert/cheese for 15 Euro's or starter, main desert/cheese for 18 Euro's

We are more than happy for children to help pick the veg and fruit that they will be eating that evening, allowing them to really enter into the spirit of the holiday.

If we can not grow the ingredients we will source them from the local farmers markets making sure the we are supporting the region and its growers and giving you the best of the regions produce.


Meals ordered by you are prepared were posible to best suit the time you would like to eat.

They are delivered your gite and can be enjoyed either on the terrace or in the confort of your gite.

All our meals are made to order for you with ingerdients where possible sourced from our own vegetable patch or soft fruit garden so they can not be any fresher. Our chickens produce all the eggs we need.